Readers are having a positive effect and loving the strength of Zara.

 A raw heartfelt story of trauma, romance, betrayal and spirituality.

 Zara in Nothing is Predictable inspires optimism and positive thoughts, reminding us we are strong and can overcome life’s challenges
particularly, for those who have suffered childhood trauma and romance betrayal.
 Most importantly, the message to learn to let go and FORGIVE.”

Fiction- Biography/Creative Biography / Roman à Clef.
 Based and inspired by some true events.
Most characters and events are fictitious.​

           Roman à clef, French for novel with a key, is a novel about real life, overlaid with a façade of fiction.
         The fictitious names in the novel represent real people, and the "key" is the relationship between the    
      nonfiction and the fiction. The "key" may be produced separately by the author or implied through the use of epigraphs or other literary techniques
.... Definition from Wikipedia

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